The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) is seeking experts in sanitary equipment design from among member dairy companies to fill two open seats on the 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (3-A SSI) Steering Committee.  As the sole representative organization on the 3-A Board of Directors for the users of 3-A-certified parts and equipment (i.e., dairy product manufacturers and milk producers), IDFA is responsible for ensuring the “Users” category of 3-A membership is represented on the Board and other committees within 3-A SSI. 

3-A SSI relies on a dedicated group of volunteer state and federal dairy regulators, equipment manufacturers and user industry personnel to develop and update all 3-A Sanitary Standards and 3-A Accepted Practices.  The oversight of all 3-A SSI consensus documents is maintained by the 3-A Steering Committee.  The committee is responsible for establishing standard operating procedures and setting priorities for the development of new or revised documents.  The committee reports directly to the 3-A SSI Board of Directors.  

Qualified candidates should have a strong background in hygienic design and previous engagement in the development of 3-A standards and/or practices through 3-A standard working groups or other committees.  Any one interested should contact John Allan, IDFA’s vice president of regulatory affairs and international standards at

IDFA Staff Contact

John Allan

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and International Standards