IDFA Legal Community

IDFA launched the IDFA Legal Community in April 2020 as an informal network aimed at providing a dedicated and professional forum for IDFA and member companies’ counsel to communicate, share resources, information and legal updates, and network for the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of member companies’ legal departments.

Members of the community will:

The Legal Community is open to all in-house General Counsel and attorneys of IDFA member dairy processing companies and gold business partners. Many member companies have counsel who are already participating on existing IDFA Regulatory and Legislative Committees. The Legal Community is not intended to modify or overlap with the Committees’ important work. Instead, the Legal Community is intended to focus on “in-house” issues, such as corporate governance, human resources, litigation trends, administrative law and other issues as decided by the Community’s participants.

If you believe this network can bring value to your company, please connect your counsel with IDFA’s counsel, Danielle Quist at

IDFA Counsel

Danielle Quist

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Counsel