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Welcome to IDFA’s Women in Dairy network!

IDFA’s Women in Dairy network works to improve recruiting, retention, and gender equality within the U.S. dairy sector through data-based metrics and tools, C-suite engagement, and by fostering networking and professional and leadership development.

IDFA commits to achieving this vision by consistently focusing our activities, events, and discussions on the following values:

Whether through our annual mentoring circles, professional development webinars, fireside chats, surveys, or networking receptions, there are many ways for you to engage with IDFA’s Women in Dairy network!

To learn more about IDFA's Women in Dairy Network, our latest news is posted below. Members of Women in Dairy can access existing resources on the Women in Dairy members page.

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2024 State of Women in Dairy Report

IDFA's first-ever State of Women in Dairy report provides IDFA members and dairy industry with data-based metrics and recommendations to support gender equality across the entire supply chain. Women in the U.S. dairy industry are better represented than ever before. We’re moving into more management positions, earning higher salaries, and gaining more recognition for our contributions. Yet, despite this progress, we still see roadblocks.

Enter IDFA’s 2024 State of Women in Dairy report. Click here to find out more.

IDFA's Women Summit

The IDFA Women’s Summit celebrates and empowers women in the dairy industry. The inaugural Summit was held in March 2024 and convened rising and established leaders to advance gender equality, bolster their leadership skills, advocate on behalf of dairy’s top policy priorities, and network.

IDFA Women's Summit attendees participate in sessions focused on practical strategies for better support women at all levels of dairy organizations, leadership development, mentorship, allyship, and advocacy.

Click here to find out more.

Mentoring Circles


IDFA’s Women in Dairy Mentoring Circles provide participants the opportunity to join a supportive network of peers in the dairy industry to network, exchange knowledge, share insights, and support their professional development. Unlike traditional one-on-one mentoring relationships, IDFA’s mentoring circles are made up of 1-2 mentors who can offer their own experiences as leaders in the industry and 5-8 mentees who can benefit from guidance on their own professional development and career journeys. The circles are matched based on participant interests and are comprised of dairy industry professionals in various stages in their careers. Not only will participants find camaraderie and empowerment in these circles, but they will make lifelong connections with others in the industry through open and honest dialogue.

For many, concerns about time commitments are paramount when juggling their own personal lives and careers. To combat this, IDFA has developed the mentoring circles to only run for 1 hour per month on an annual cycle. Each circle chooses the time and day that works best for them. This ensures maximum participation from each participant and helps drive the circles forward throughout the year. In addition to setting their own meeting times each month, each circle sets their own agenda and topics of discussion. This makes each circle as unique as its individual participants. To give you a preview of topics typically discussed in the mentoring circles, groups have traditionally covered topics ranging from navigating how to ask for a promotion, understanding communication styles, developing leadership skills, and managing work-life balance. Mentoring circle participants regularly report the valuable relationships and strong camaraderie they have built with other women in the dairy industry through their circles.

Interested in joining a Mentoring Circle as a participant or mentor? Let us know! We will begin matching new Mentoring Circles for this year in July 2024 and we hope you will join us!

Featured Programming

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In-Person Events at Dairy Forum

Women in Dairy hosts an annual networking reception at IDFA's Dairy Forum for women across the dairy industry to connect. This year we are also excited to announce a panel we will be having on elevating women in the industry. Please register for Dairy Forum and join the discussion!

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