Women In Dairy

Empower • Encourage • Support

To empower and support women in the dairy industry through leadership development, mentoring and networking events

Since IDFA was established 30 years ago to harness the collective power of the dairy industry, we have developed and supported a number of initiatives meant to cultivate future leaders in dairy. Now we are harnessing that power to expand the presence and influence of women in the dairy industry, by forming Women in Dairy.

Women in Dairy brings established leaders together with young professionals to create a forum that fosters mentoring, supports development, builds networking opportunities, and encourages leadership.

How does it work?

  1. Women in Dairy provides a venue for women to support each other as they advance or start their careers in dairy;
  2. It connects established leaders with up and coming professionals;
  3. Provides a platform for women to discuss unique and similar challenges, and to create or share strategies for advancing their careers; and
  4. Women in Dairy brings women together in all sorts of venues, from virtual to in-person, to learn, mentor and share best practices.

Read the announcement about the Women in Dairy. 

Women in Dairy is guided by an Advisory Council made up of respected women from IDFA member companies. Learn more about the Advisory Council.

For more information on joining IDFA’s Women in Dairy, please fill out the form below or contact Tracy Boyle at tboyle@idfa.org.

Women in Dairy

Staff Contact

Tracy Boyle

Director, Employee Relations and Administrative Services