IDFA in collaboration with PwC presented the second in a series of six webinars delivered by Amanda Kish, PwC ESG Partner, and Paula Ivey, PwC ESG Director. Each session of the ESG Learning Series is eligible for 1 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit.

In Session #2: Scope 1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Collections and Protocols, IDFA members received a top to bottom understanding of how companies, investors, standard-setting bodies, and regulators are defining and reporting Scope 1 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Investors and concerned citizens – many of them customers of IDFA members – are demanding better disclosure and more transparency of GHG emissions. As you and your customers look to measure your carbon footprint, you will need to understand GHG emission categories.

It’s widely assumed that companies’ “Scope 1” emissions – those produced directly from their operations – are made up solely of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels in industrial facilities, such as natural gas for a milk dryer. Learn how Scope 1 includes any fossil fuel burned in the course of your operations, which could include refrigerants used in your refrigeration cycle or running your vehicle fleet, which are common when producing and distributing food.  Further, plan to learn more about how your company can track and report on these direct fossil fuel emissions.


Amanda Kish

ESG Partner, PwC

Paula Ivey

PwC ESG Director, PwC

This series will be most relevant to CFOs, financial professionals, COOs, Chief Sustainability Officers and ESG professionals, Chief People/HR Officers, Chief Legal Officers, and marketing and communications professionals.

When and where? We encourage you to attend all six sessions. The ESG Learning Series will consist of approximately one webinar per month. Details on CPE credits can be found here.

ESG Learning Series: