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COVID-19 is a humanitarian crisis with vast global impact on the world at large and far reaching impacts on dairy. Where is the dairy industry today and what might define the future landscape? In this session, we will take stock of trends impacting the industry, how players have been positioning themselves to react to uncertainties, and how companies across the value chain can take the future into their own hands to shape the path ahead.

“Today’s dairy industry has innovated its way into a consistent growth industry. But to continue to succeed, we need to continue to challenge the way we conduct business, attract talent, and speak to consumers. This year’s Dairy Forum issued that challenge: evolve or get left behind. Those that see that challenge as an opportunity will succeed.”

David Ahlem, CEO, Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc.


Christina Adams

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Isabella Maluf

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Ludovic Meilhac

Partner, McKinsey & Company