WASHINGTON, June 15, 2020—Matt Herrick, senior vice president of executive and strategic communications for the International Dairy Foods Association, released the following statement today on the status of the 2020 Capitol Hill Ice Cream Party:

"Out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of those who attend our annual Capitol Hill Ice Cream Party, IDFA has decided not to host the event in 2020 on the Mall. As you can imagine, this was a very difficult decision as we’ve hosted the event consistently for 37 years and it is considered one of the most fun and memorable events of the year for Members of Congress, Capitol Hill staff and other federal officials, and the general public. Thousands of people turn out year after year to join their friends and colleagues for delicious, refreshing ice cream on a warm day in the nation’s capital. Our members donate the ice cream and treats so that we can share our appreciation with federal policymakers and regulators for the important work they do. In turn, we also honor the essential men and women working tirelessly across the dairy industry—from farms, to processors and distributors, to retail—to bring safe, delicious dairy products to people of all ages. We will find other ways to recognize the importance of ice cream to our culture and economy closer to National Ice Cream Day in July. IDFA plans to be back on the Mall in 2021 to host the 38th annual Capitol Hill Ice Cream Party. Until then, stay safe."

Want to remember the 2019 event? Watch this short video from IDFA.