Welcome to IDFA’s new website! We are excited to share with you this improved tool for advocacy, education and networking.

As the dairy industry evolves and IDFA evolves along with it, our website had become outdated and difficult to use. The website redesign allows us to put the user experience for our IDFA members, staff and other stakeholders front and center to create a new tool that will deliver value for years to come.  

IDFA has undergone change over the past three years, going from four separate organizations to one unified brand and mission with new leadership and new priorities. Through IDFA’s governance restructuring, creation of Five Industry Segment Boards and our expansive outreach, we have positioned IDFA as the united industry advocate, able to speak for members across the entire dairy value chain. As IDFA’s in-house subject matter expertise continues to grow, IDFA will continue to play a more central role in the dairy industry’s story of continued growth and innovation. With change occurring, now seemed like the right time to update our website—our main tool for engaging our members and the dairy industry—and to freshen our brand to match the new energy and focus of the dairy industry.

Overall, we believe the new website offers:

  • A fresher, cleaner look
  • Simpler navigation and ease-of-use across mobile devices
  • Integrated multimedia and social-sharing functions
  • A robust search
  • Single sign-on for our members
  • A dedicated Member Portal with curated content
  • Integrated features such as chat functions, instant advocacy and news alert

While our website is geared toward IDFA members, with unique member-only content and features, anyone can access and use the website and its resources.

  • If you’re an IDFA member, log-in is simple: Just click on the red circle in the upper right corner of any page to access member-only content and the Member Portal.
  • If you’re not an IDFA members, sign-up to receive our newsletters, news content, and updates. Signing up is simple—just click on Connect in the upper right corner of any page, or complete the Stay Connected form on the home page.

As you visit different parts of the website, you’ll notice a host of new features, including:

  • A robust home page with Search, access to the Member Portal, issues alerts, events listings, current news items and posts, an IDFA Member Spotlight, and more
  • An updated, mobile friendly Dairy Delivers page (www.idfa.org/dairydelivers)
  • A new web feature called Dairy Innovator Dialogues, which is a series of short video interviews with today’s most dynamic dairy leaders (www.idfa.org/dairyinnovates)
  • A new Campaign Center that will help IDFA members drive advocacy on Capitol Hill, in state houses across the country, and with regulatory agencies (www.idfa.org/campaigncenter)
  • A Newsroom featuring our blogs, news releases, updated branding (logos, guidelines), media kits, and more
  • A refreshed Knowledge Center containing research, white papers, webinars, and more
  • A new events center to keep tabs on what’s happening, when and where
  • New initiatives and policy summaries across our Programs, Campaigns and Issues pages
  • And much more

You’ll notice that the IDFA logo and branding—including the colors associated with IDFA—are updated, as well. Some of the updates include:

  • A more powerful, dynamic milk splash logo
  • A red, white and blue color palette
  • Leaner, more modern fonts

IDFA’s tagline—Making a Difference for Dairy—remains unchanged and as inspiring to our staff and membership as ever. 

Every day, IDFA advocates on behalf of America’s dairy industry to ensure our members have the tools and resources they need to innovate and thrive. This new website is just one tool in our toolbox, and we hope you’re as excited and energized by it as we are. Please take a moment to get acquainted with the new idfa.org.