IDFA Ice Cream Board

The board members are tasked with providing strategic vision, policy direction and leadership on segment-specific issues. The board will conduct business in coordination with the IDFA Executive Council, through the chair and vice chair.


Michael C. Wells

IDFA Ice Cream Board Chair / President & CEO, Wells Enterprises, Inc.

Rich Draper

IDFA Ice Cream Board Vice Chair / CEO, The Ice Cream Club, Inc.


Gary L. Aggus

President & General Manager, Hiland Dairy Foods Co., LLC

Luconda M. Dager

President, Velvet Ice Cream Company

Ricky Dickson

President, Blue Bell Creameries, L.P.

Heather B. Draper

Director, The Ice Cream Club, Inc.

Cary Grover

General Manager, Hudsonville Creamery & Ice Cream Co., LLC.

George Hugh Holder

President/Chief Executive Officer, Hershey Creamery Company

Timothy B. Hopkins

President & CEO, Turkey Hill Dairy, Inc.

Rachel Kyllo

Senior Vice President, Innovation & Growth, Kemps LLC

Joe Oberweis

President & CEO, Oberweis Dairy, Inc.

Brian Perry

Executive Vice President & Chairman, Perry's Ice Cream Company, Inc.

Randy Rich

President and CEO, Rich Ice Cream Company

Crystal Dohner

Vice President of Growth and Innovation, Crystal Creamery

Executive Council Members

Ken Jorgensen

Director, Dairy Operations, H-E-B

Ed Mullins

IDFA Fluid Milk Board Vice Chair / Executive Vice President & CEO, Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc.

Shelley Roth

President, Pierre's Ice Cream Company

Gold Business Partner Representatives

Murray Bain

Vice President, Marketing, Stanpac

Robert Bohn

Sales Manager, Tetra Pak Inc.

Bruce Daily

CEO, All Star Purchasing