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When the pandemic struck, millions of businesses were challenged to respond, recover, reopen and reimagine how they operate. The development of new technology and innovation came to the forefront of protecting the global food chain during a time of great uncertainty. During this session, Ecolab CEO Christophe Beck discussed what it takes to respond in a rapidly changing landscape and the value of leaning into solutions that meet the safety, quality, and environmental requirements of our future. He was then followed by a panel of divisional leaders who shared learnings and the future of their respective industries as it relates to the importance of rethinking food and employee safety through collaboration and emerging technologies.

Presented by:


Christophe Beck

President and CEO, Ecolab Inc.

Neil Bogart

Executive Area Technical Support Coordinator, Food & Beverage, Ecolab Inc.

David Goforth

Vice President, Field Sales and Service, Food & Beverage, North America, Ecolab Inc.

Adam Johnson

Vice President and General Manager, Global Food Retail Services, Ecolab Inc.

Kris Prentice

Vice President, Global Pest Elimination, Ecolab Inc.