Around every corner, especially in every harborage area, microbes are lurking and ready to cause a food safety or quality problem. Whether the microorganism is resident or transient, it can exploit the food and water resources abundant in the plant environment and wreak havoc.

In this new webinar featuring the expertise of PSSI Food Safety Solutions and PSSI Chemical Innovations, an IDFA Gold Business Partner, attendees were provided practical and tactical approaches to investigating common root causes and corrective actions for microbial issues in the plant.

In this session, we covered:

  • How to identify the source of microbiological problems using decision trees and root cause analyses
  • Examples of common root causes of microbial issues in food facilities
  • Tools for monitoring and investigating food safety or quality issues
  • Solutions and corrective actions for environmental and product defects due to microbial contamination

Presented by:


Josie Greve-Peterson

Corporate Microbiologist, PSSI

Rick Rector

Corporate Account Manager, PSSI