Key trends like adoption of automation and digitalization, changing consumer preferences, and the ever-raising bar for productivity have been shifting the demand for certain skills and roles. COVID-19 only accelerated these trends and introduced others, such as the rise of remote work. The result is a workforce that will require reskilling and/or transition support as the demands of their roles change or displacements occur, and with uneven impact to groups like working mothers, people of color, less educated and younger workers. This session with McKinsey & Company explored what the Future of Work may look like and how employers can rise to meet the need and the opportunity

This webinar is part of the IDFA People Strategy Webinar Series, a series focus on the dairy industry’s most critical resource – it’s people. The webinar series is open to IDFA members. To learn more about the IDFA People Strategy, visit

Presented By


Kyla Kelly

Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

Elizabeth Mygatt

Partner, McKinsey & Company