The dairy industry is constantly evolving and innovating to meet the needs of its people, the environment, and consumers across the world. This National Dairy Month, join IDFA in celebrating today's #dairy industry for a better tomorrow.

Dairy Nourishes

No other type of food or beverage provides the unique combination of nutrients that dairy contributes to the American diet, including high quality protein, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium, and health benefits including better bone health and lower risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

This June, IDFA is celebrating the health benefits that dairy products provide. All month long, IDFA is sharing facts about dairy products' nutritional benefits through our social media platforms with the hashtag #DairyNourishes.

Feel free to download the videos and images via the links below to share with your friends, family, and other followers on social media. Be sure to use #DairyNourishes and #JuneDairyMonth!

Learn more about how dairy nourishes here.

Dairy Delivers Jobs, Wages and Economic Benefits

The U.S. dairy industry continues to play a strong role in the U.S., supporting 3.3 million total jobs and $41.6 billion in direct wages. IDFA’s 2021 Economic Impact Study, which measures the combined impact of the dairy products industry, showed the U.S. dairy industry’s economic impact totaled $752.93 billion.

The newly released figures indicate that the U.S. dairy industry now contributes:

  • 3.5 percent of U.S. GDP
  • 3.3 million total jobs
  • $41.6 billion in direct wages for workers in dairy industry
  • $67.1 billion in federal, state and local taxes (not including sales taxes paid by consumers)

The study’s findings are also available in an interactive economic impact tool on IDFA’s Dairy Delivers® webpage where users can click on an interactive map of the U.S. to learn how dairy impacts their community.

About National Dairy Month

National Dairy Month started out as National Milk Month in 1937 as a way to promote drinking milk. It was initially created to stabilize the dairy demand when production was at a surplus, but has now developed into an annual tradition that celebrates the contributions the dairy industry has made to the world After the National Dairy Council stepped in to promote the cause, the name soon changed to "Dairy Month."

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