Della Toffola Group is a world leader in the design and construction of technologically advanced solutions for every step in the Food & Beverage process. Through its dairy division, the Group offers processing equipment and full processing lines for dairy production (fluid milk, ESL/UHT, yogurt, soft cheese, whey treatment, CIP and water treatment). 

In addition to processing solutions, DT Group portfolio offers full line integrated solutions for food and beverage production including bottling, labeling and end of-line. 


  • Glass, Pet, HDPE, Rinsing, sterilization, filling and capping 
  • High-speed Labeling and de-labeling solutions
  • End-of-line complete range of machines for the depalletization, case erecting, case packing, partition inserting, case sealing and palletization

β€œThe whole team at Della Toffola USA is looking forward to working with the members of IDFA and to provide competitive solutions to the challenges of the modern dairy industry. I hope to meet you at the upcoming Dairy Forum in Palm Desert.”

- Antonino Li Brizzi, Managing Director North America – Della Toffola Group

Della Toffola Group
975 Corporate Center Parkway - Suite 130
Santa Rosa, CA 95407 

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Antonino Librizzi, Managing Director North America – Della Toffola Group
Mariangela Guarienti, CEO - DellaToffola USA
Stefano Berto, Sales Manager - Priamo Srl