By now, you've heard that the dairy industry's signature event--the IDFA Dairy Forum--is going virtual in January 2021. We put a lot of thought and planning into making Dairy Forum 2021 our most forward-thinking and most accessible Dairy Forum yet. Technology allows us to maintain networking spaces and opportunities for all attendees who come to Dairy Forum to meet and network. And in an effort to bring the Dairy Forum experience to members at all levels, we're offering a special Early Bird rate for all guests and a special First Timer rate for members.

With reduced fees, no need for travel, and more opportunities in a virtual environment to network and schedule your sessions and meetings, IDFA's goal is to bring the Dairy Forum experience to a much broader audience of attendees in January.

But we made this decision for one clear reason: for the safety and peace of mind for our guests.

This past Dairy Forum was our most successful event to date. We received so many positive comments and reviews from Board Members, IDFA members, and members of the dairy community. When our team walked out of Dairy Forum in Arizona, we couldn’t wait to get start on planning Dairy Forum 2021. Since then, coronavirus has put a wrinkle in our plans to gather in person, but it has not dampened our spirit. Dairy Forum is about unifying as one industry, sharing knowledge and information that prepares us to lead a growing and more prosperous industry, and coming together to connect with peers and colleagues. IDFA is certain that with virtual technology and event production, we will present a Dairy Forum in January 2021 that maintains our high standards and sets a new bar in virtual conferencing.

Let me tell you why a virtual Dairy Forum makes so much sense:

  1. We want to deliver certainty and peace of mind to our members and guests. Safety is our number one priority. A virtual Dairy Forum is the best option to offer that peace of mind for everyone.
  2. With few in-person events, there is an abundance of high-quality speakers and presenters, meaning we're able to offer a program that continues to be a step above any other similar event.
  3. A virtual event for a reduced fee and special First Timer rate allows more guests to attend and participate. Our goal is to expand participation to a wide range of leaders within member companies and organizations. A virtual event without travel and other expenses allows us to broaden and expand our relationship with more current and future IDFA members wherever they are in the world.
  4. I’m amazed at what’s possible through virtual event production, including making sessions available for on-demand viewing or making networking and socializing just as possible. Dairy Forum will offer each user a dashboard to organize your sessions and meetings, private meeting rooms where guests can have secure video chats or team meetings, a virtual meeting hall where it’s possible to network with peers and acquaintances, and the ability to hold multiple and simultaneous intimate gatherings—such as salon dinners.
  5. Finally, we’ve gained valuable experience with virtual programming and we’re confident that we’re executing as well or better than anyone else in our space. We are excited to broaden virtual programming with Dairy Forum 2021.

This has been a challenging year. We must come together take stock, retool, and recharge for the work that’s ahead. That’s why Dairy Forum 2021 will also be a place to recognize and celebrate the excellence of those among us who make us stronger, more resilient, and keep us safe--our #Essential workers. We will dedicate time and space throughout the Dairy Forum program to make sure our dairy community feels appreciated.

Thank you for your support of IDFA. To register for Dairy Forum 2021, visit