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Are You Looking for Leaders? IDFA Panel Offers Ways to Reach Them

Apr 03, 2019
Beth Ford of Land O’Lakes joined the panelists at Dairy Forum 2019.

“We need smart people to join us in dairy. We can teach people about the industry,” said one of the six panelists at Dairy Forum 2019 who shared unique perspectives about women in the workplace and ways to encourage the next generation of dairy leaders. Their conversation, which focused on balancing work and family, mentors, teams and career advice, is featured this month in Hoard’s Dairyman.

The panelists were moderator Cary Frye of IDFA, Miriam Erickson Brown of Anderson Erickson Dairy Company, Beth Ford of Land O’Lakes, Barbara Glenn of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, Marilyn Hershey of Ar-Joy Farms and Dairy Management Inc., and Patricia Stroup of Nestlé.

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