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Dairy Delivers® for America’s Christmas Tree Producers

Dec 05, 2018

The dairy industry has a powerful economic impact – $628 billion in total – on the American economy. As part of this support, the dairy industry contributes to unique industries across the nation, like the American forestry industry and those who provide the nation with Christmas trees.

The American forestry industry relies on dairy companies for a portion of their business, such as timber production that includes Christmas trees sold at retail and other forest products.

Dairy companies, distributors and retailers support the Christmas tree and forestry industry workers in a number of ways. The jobs of about 150 forestry industry employees depend on dairy company purchases of Christmas trees, which decorate dairy offices and retail shops, as well as on purchases of other forest products, such as wooden pallets used in cheese-curing rooms.

About 50 forestry jobs also are created when dairy industry employees and employees of supplier firms purchase Christmas trees and other lumber products for their personal use.

All told, the dairy industry creates more than $24.6 million in economic impact and supports $6.5 million in wages for America’s Christmas tree and forest product producers.

Dairy Delivers®

IDFA is taking these deep dives into the data of Dairy Delivers®, its economic impact tool, to demonstrate dairy’s economic power and its ripple effect on other American industries.

Access IDFA’s Dairy Delivers® here.

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Dairy Delivers