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Engage with Federal Decision-Makers at Regulatory RoundUP

Mar 20, 2017

As the Trump Administration continues to put its team in place, federal regulators are setting new priorities, evaluating existing regulations and changing staff responsibilities. In addition, the Food Safety Modernization Act implementation, changes to regulations on genetically modified organisms and reopening of “natural” and “healthy” definitions are regulatory shifts promising major changes ahead for dairy companies.

To put the voice of dairy companies straight into the shifting action, IDFA will host the Regulatory RoundUP, June 12-13 in Washington, D.C. The two-day conference will provide information-packed, interactive sessions between dairy industry professionals and key government regulators.

“The new administration has already indicated an interest in reevaluating the current regulatory climate and making major changes. I can’t think of a more critical time for dairy companies to express their views to the officials who regulate their businesses,” said Emily Lyons, IDFA director of regulatory affairs and counsel. “Regulatory RoundUP will provide a forum for anyone who deals with regulations on a daily basis to sit face-to-face and hear directly from top federal officials as they set the regulatory tone for the next four years.”

Session Highlights

Regulatory RoundUP sessions are designed to educate participants about the regulatory process, pending regulations and upcoming regulatory issues. They will also provide a forum for regulators to hear attendees' comments and concerns. Here are a few highlighted sessions:

  • “FDA Update: New Leadership, New Ideas”
    Attendees will get an in-depth look at what to expect from FDA under the Trump Administration’s regulatory agenda in coming months. 
  • “Labeling Trends: How to Define Natural and Healthy”
    Attendees will hear insights from an expert panel exploring the current definitions of “natural” and “healthy” terms, what consumers understand and what changes may be coming for these claims. 
  • “What is the OMB and How Does it Influence Regulatory Policy?”
    Attendees will learn about how the Office of Management and Budget, a little-known office within the White House, will be playing a more active role in this Administration as President Trump seeks to relieve regulatory burdens on industry. 
  • “FDA Dairy Food Safety and Enforcement Update”
    Attendees will learn about FDA’s enforcement priorities, sampling assignments, and any recent or forthcoming policy changes specific to dairy.

The full list of sessions can be found of the IDFA website.


IDFA’s Regulatory RoundUP will be held June 12-13 at the Loews Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C. Registration is now open online.

IDFA welcomes attendance by all dairy company and plant professionals who are responsible for understanding and complying with dairy regulations, as well as the suppliers who work with dairy plants to meet and exceed federal, state and local standards for dairy foods manufacturing.

For more information contact Maria Velasco, IDFA meetings coordinator and registrar, at

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