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Just Add Milk, Says MilkPEP in New Protein Pairings Promotion

Oct 28, 2015

Almost 60 percent of Americans consider protein when purchasing packaged foods and beverages, and the majority are trying to get more in their diet, according to the Datamonitor Consumer’s Product Launch Analytics database. What’s more, simply communicating “eight grams of protein” on packaging and beyond could have huge potential to make a positive impact on milk consumption, according to recent proprietary consumer research from the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP).

In response, MilkPEP has focused all campaigns on reinforcing milk as a protein powerhouse and recently announced plans to launch a new program for 2016 that is designed to encourage consumers to pair milk’s rich protein with other protein-rich foods in their morning meals.

Called “My Morning Protein,” the industry-wide program prompts consumers to consider if they are getting the recommended 25-30 grams of protein at breakfast or in other snacks before noon. On average, Americans only get 13 grams at breakfast. The campaign also asks them to kick off their mornings with milk for more energy and focus throughout the day and pair it with a range of combinations, including cheese and yogurt.

“Starting in January, we’re making it our mission to give Americans everything they need to get to that morning protein. We’ll show them what it feels like to start your day right,” said Julia Kadison, CEO of MilkPEP. “We’ll introduce them to people who are getting their morning protein and what it’s empowering them to do. And most importantly, we’ll give them access to recipes, ideas and tools they need to get the most out of their breakfasts, their mornings and their daily lives.”

MilkPEP’s fully integrated program will include advertising, public relations, digital and social support to deliver facts, infographics, expert advice, tools and customized protein pairings for several different lifestyles based on target audiences.

The entire industry, from processors to dairy farmers, can submit photos of protein pairings featuring their products to MilkPEP, which will add them to its Morning Protein Builder Collection and share them online during the campaign. Email content to

For more details, contact Donna Armstrong, senior communications manager at MilkPEP, at

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