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Look Who’s Joined IDFA

Mar 25, 2015

IDFA welcomes two new Business Partners this month. Be sure to visit Food Safety Group, PTI - Packaging Technologies and Inspection, LLC and all the other companies that will be exhibiting at the International Dairy Show, September 15-18, at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Business Partners

Food Safety Group
P.O. Box 825
Cuba City, WI  53807-0825
Telephone:  (608) 744-3145
Fax: (608)  744-3144
Contact:  Gary Holz; Inside Sales (
Products/Services: Food Safety Group provides hygienic solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The company’s product line consists of European-designed doors specific for clean rooms and food facilities, hygienic shockproof bollards, guardrails and barriers for protection needs and a hygienic, seamless, insulated wall and ceiling panel system. 

PTI - Packaging Technologies and Inspection, LLC
145 Main Street
Tuckahoe, NY  10707-2906
Telephone:  (914) 337-2005
Fax:  (914) 337-8519
Toll Free:  (800) 532-1501
Contact:  Oliver Stauffer; Chief Operating Officer (
Products/Services: PTI offers packaging and processing machinery for dairy products, as well as package inspection technologies for seal and package integrity testing. The company’s packaging solutions include full line bagging solutions for all types of powered dairy products – milk powder, whey powder, protein powder, formula and nutritional products, as well as packaging and processing machinery for filling, sealing and processing of fresh dairy products (yogurt, cheese, cream butter and margarine) into cups, trays and pouches. PTI manufactures non-destructive inspection systems to test packaging containing powdered dairy products for leaks and seal defects, assuring the integrity of the package and product shelf life.

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