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MilkPEP #GetReal Initiative Reaches 21 Million People Online

Jan 29, 2015

Aiming to “take back the conversation about milk,” the Milk Processor Education Program and Dairy Management Inc. launched at Dairy Forum a new social advocacy initiative called #GetReal. Using the support of science, credible third-parties and the voices of the industry, the initiative is addressing milk myths and engaging consumers in conversations about the positive benefits of milk on Twitter, Facebook and other social properties.

Since the January 27 launch, industry participants have already shared more than 6,500 pieces of content, reaching more than 21 million people online.

“This launch was a strong start to our journey to take the conversation back and more actively and aggressively defend milk’s reputation in the marketplace,” said Julia Kadison, CEO of MilkPEP. “We accomplished a lot, including unprecedented response and engagement across the entire dairy industry.

“Milk was a trending conversation on Facebook and in Google Trends, reaching millions with the real milk facts. And importantly, we were able to address milk myths and information and engage in a strong consumer dialogue to help set the record straight."

Leveraging Collective Voice of Industry

MilkPEP launched the initiative because “competitors are making confusing claims, science is being misconstrued in the media, alarming headlines are taken out of context, and advocacy groups are increasing their attacks against milk.” As a result, people are confused and may be turning away from milk.

MilkPEP decided to leverage the power of the dairy industry’s collective voice by arming milk companies and dairy farmers with the real facts about real milk, and by giving them a way to quickly and easily communicate those facts. The initiative focuses on setting the record straight on five facts about milk:

  • Milk is a nutrient powerhouse – and it’s not just for kids.
  • Milk is a real, wholesome and local product from family farms across the nation.
  • Milk contains a lot that’s good, without the “bad” that some people think (like excess calories and fat)
  • Milk is simple – especially compared to non-dairy milks that can have more than 10 ingredients.
  • Milk provides high-quality protein (almond and other non-dairy milks may have just one gram of protein).

Visit for more facts about milk. For more information about the initiative, contact Donna Armstrong, MilkPEP senior communications manager, at

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