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International Brotherhood of Teamsters, America's Dairy Union, Opposes Dairy Security Act

Jun 13, 2013

In a statement delivered to Congressional offices this week, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters said that the “market stabilization” provision in the Farm Bill will “cost Teamster jobs.” The Teamsters, who are America’s Dairy Union, represent dairy workers coast to coast throughout the entire supply chain, covering nearly 35,000 workers altogether.

Indicating that the Teamsters “intend to grow along with the U.S. dairy industry,” the missive adds that they were not persuaded by the argument that “price volatility is still a problem for the industry as a whole that can be addressed through supply management.” 

The statement said “we recommend that you vote in favor of any amendment that removes ‘market stabilization’ from the dairy provisions of the Farm Bill; going forward, we look forward to working with milk producers and processors who take dairy workers’ interests into account . . . “

The House of Representatives is expected to begin floor debate on the Farm Bill, including dairy policy provisions, sometime next week.




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