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MilkPEP Launches Milk Command Center with Strong Results

Apr 04, 2012

As part of its new breakfast focus, the Milk Processor Education Program recently launched the Milk Command Center. The Command Center leverages popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to monitor all things breakfast and drive milk-related conversation within the digital sphere.

So, how does the center work? During peak breakfast hours (8:00 a.m. – noon Eastern time, Monday through Friday), MilkPEP's social media experts create and participate in conversations on Facebook and Twitter, sharing recipes, offering nutritional tips and engaging with milk advocates to build The Breakfast Project community. .

For example, when Krispy Kreme followed MilkPEP on Twitter, MilkPEP engaged from the Command Center, tweeting that milk and doughnuts are a great pair. Krispy Kreme responded by re-tweeting MilkPEP’s tweet to its 16,900-plus Twitter followers. David Britt, a donut and milk fan and aspiring country singer, followed the Twitter conversation and tweeted @milkmustache to share a country song he wrote about Krispy Kreme. MilkPEP responded, challenging him to “#newproject” = the “bfastproject” (create a new project) and linked him to for inspiration.

A week later, after some song writing and a trip to the recording studio, David Britt shared “The Milk Song.” The song has received nearly 800 YouTube video views and was shared in two tweets from a Twitter strategist with over 30,000 followers.

The engagement doesn’t stop there. On Facebook, MilkPEP has a tab on the Milk Mustache Facebook page that is similar to the page on where customers can find their favorite brand. This tab allows users to “like” individual processors’ Facebook pages directly from the tab, helping to grow the processors’ own Facebook communities.

MilkPEP also has a Private Facebook Group that is open by-invitation-only to processors. It offers a great way for processors or their employees who manage the social media channels to get the latest content and news from MilkPEP. It also will serve as a resource for access to hot topics and case studies coming from The Breakfast Project community managers. To join the group, visit or email

For more information or to schedule a consultation with MilkPEP’s social media experts, contact the Milk Command Center team via the Milk Hotline at 1-800-945-MILK #2 or by email at

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