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Revised Labeling Manuals Simplify Rules, Offer Timely Updates

Feb 15, 2012

IDFA's team of labeling experts recently revised the comprehensive labeling manuals for milk and milk products, ice cream and frozen desserts, and cheese. The manuals include updated information on nutrient content claims, qualified health claims and structure/function claims and several new sections on standards of identity and product name, net contents statements, ingredient listing, allergen information, nutrition labeling and other claims. They also offer information to ensure compliance with labeling rules for organic, natural and "rBST-free" claims, which appeal to many consumers today.

Each manual provides illustrated labels and label formats for dairy products and easy-to-use tables that help simplify the Food and Drug Administration’s complex labeling regulations. A reference chart shows at a glance the key labeling requirements and exemptions for retail, foodservice and bulk foods, as well as dairy product examples and a database for calculating nutrition values.

  • The Milk and Milk Products Labeling Manual is 426 pages. View the Table of Contents.
  • The Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Manual, 452 pages, includes flavor labeling requirements for ice cream, sherbet and non-standard frozen desserts. View the Table of Contents.
  • The Cheese Labeling Manual, 528 pages, contains information on country-of-origin labeling and a nutrient database for 28 varieties of cheese. View the Table of Contents.

"These manuals are must-have references for all dairy professionals who are responsible for product labeling and compliance," said Cary Frye, IDFA vice president of regulatory and scientific affairs. "They are available in print and fully searchable electronic versions that are compatible with laptops and iPads."

Michelle Matto, IDFA's nutrition and labeling consultant, worked with IDFA on the updates.

For more information, contact Patrick Crosson, IDFA meetings and educational services assistant, at


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