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Raw Milk Proposal on Hold in Indiana, Moves Forward in Kentucky

Feb 15, 2012

Legislatures in Indiana and Kentucky continue to take action on proposed bills affecting the sale of raw milk in these states. IDFA applauds this week's action in Indiana, which removed a provision, at least for now, that would allow consumers to purchase raw milk from farms. However, IDFA is disappointed that the Kentucky State Senate passed a bill allowing cow-sharing as a way for consumers to buy raw milk and then referred it to the House. IDFA recently sent letters to legislators in both states to emphasize the public health risks associated with drinking unpasteurized milk.

The Indiana State House of Representatives passed the state chemist bill, H.B. 1129, without a raw milk amendment to allow the sale of raw milk directly to consumers at small farms that had been included in the Senate bill. The bill now moves back to the Senate for consideration, and it appears likely that the House version of the bill will be accepted. IDFA sent a letter earlier this month to the House Agriculture Committee voicing concerns about the risks to consumers who drink raw, unpasteurized milk. Read the letter here.

The Kentucky State Senate passed a bill, S.B. 47, which would allow consumers to enter into a livestock-ownership agreement with a dairy producer and purchase raw milk produced from his herd. The Senate sent the bill to the Kentucky House of Representatives, which referred it to its Agriculture and Small Business Committee. IDFA sent a letter today to committee members asking them to oppose the bill. Read the letter here.

For more information on raw milk legislation or other state issues, contact Kyle Shreve, IDFA legislative coordinator, at (202) 220-3533 or

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