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Ice Cream and Debt Deal Bring Sweet Taste Back to Washington

Aug 03, 2011

UPDATE: August 5

Many Americans watched with interest and ire the rancorous discussions last week among legislators who were negotiating a last-minute solution to the country's debt crisis. Guy Berliner, president of Berliner Specialty Distributors, a major distributor of ice cream novelties, was one of them. Concerned that the negotiations were leaving a bad taste in the mouths of Americans about how business is conducted in Washington, Berliner decided to act.

"I brought our classic Good Humor truck close to the U.S. Capitol and gave away thousands of pieces of ice cream to all Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party members, Libertarians, everyone, except those negotiating the deal. They don't get any until they agree on a plan," Berliner said. "My thinking is when members of Congress look outside and see everyone enjoying ice cream and see the sign that says they don't get any until a deal is done, this will force them to compromise and agree on a deal."

CNN and CBS-TV included coverage of the ice cream giveaway and interviewed Berliner, who said he would return to Capitol Hill as soon as Congress reached agreement. The House of Representatives voted Monday to accept the latest compromise, and the Senate passed the bill yesterday.

"Now that the deal is done, I want to keep my promise and head back to the capital and fulfill my end of the deal: free ice cream for all, including those who worked on the deal," said Berliner.

Berliner Specialty Distributors is one of the largest distributors of Good Humor, Popsicle, Ben & Jerry's, Klondike & Breyer's novelties as well as Dove Bars, Snickers & Well's Blue Bunny ice cream.

Guy Berliner (right), president of Berliner Specialty Distributors, takes a
break from giving ice cream and interviews to pose with Marcus Strong
next to the Good Humor truck.


Guy Berliner and the Good Humor truck returned to Capitol Hill on Thursday,
keeping his promise to offer ice cream to everyone, including legislators
who agreed to a compromise debt-crisis deal earlier this week.

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