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FDA Finds No Health Risks Associated with Perchlorate Levels in Food

Jun 04, 2007

FDA Finds No Health Risks Associated with Perchlorate Levels in Food

The trace amounts of the chemical perchlorate that may be found in everyday foods are not likely to present a public health risk, according to a preliminary report released last week by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the report, FDA concludes that the perchlorate levels in all tested foods, including milk, fall well below the standard recommended by the National Academy of Sciences and adopted by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2005.

The report, "Preliminary Estimation of Perchlorate Dietary Exposure Based on FDA 2004/2005 Exploratory Data," examined 27 commonly consumed beverages and foods, including milk, fruits and fruit juices, vegetables, grain products, aquaculture fish and shrimp. The report concludes that Americans should continue to follow a healthy eating plan, consistent with the Dietary Guidelines. FDA does not recommend that consumers alter their infants' and children's diets or eating habits based on the current perchlorate data.

To read the report, click here.

FDA is expected to release its final exposure assessment, based on 2005-06 data for perchlorate, later this fall.

If members receive inquiries on this topic and would like assistance in responding, they can contact Susan Ruland, IDFA vice president of communications and meetings, at or 202-220-3549.

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Posted June 4, 2007

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