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IDFA Drafts Pandemic Preparedness Plan for Members

Jul 10, 2006

Protection of workforce, operational continuity and telecommuting capabilities are key priorities in preparing your company for a pandemic, according to a recent survey by the Conference Board. How prepared are you and your staff for handling these and other issues that could arise during a pandemic flu outbreak?

To help members plan appropriately, IDFA has drafted a "Pandemic Continuity of Operations Plan" that outlines several vital steps for protecting and maintaining corporate operations during a pandemic or other disaster. Working with its pandemic task force, IDFA designed the plan as a template that members can customize according to their specific needs and can be updated as necessary.

"The template should not be construed as an ultimate final draft, because the pandemic issue is likely to remain with us for years, and many new developments could occur that would require revisions," said Clay Detlefsen, IDFA vice president of regulatory affairs, who coordinated the task force.

Divided into 13 sections, the plan covers a wide range of topics, including influenza transmission, prevention and protection, team member coordination and communication, special customer requests, delegation of authority and succession. The task force researched a variety of federal disaster resources to develop the comprehensive and industry-appropriate template.

This template is available in the Pandemic Flu and Disaster Preparedness section of Other new documents at this site include a sample emergency plan from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS); a DHS guide titled "Pandemic Influenza Preparedness, Response and Recovery Guide for Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources"; and a Conference Board article, "Most Companies Planning for an Avian Flu Pandemic, but Outcomes Remain Uncertain."

For more information, contact Detlefsen, at or 202-220-3554.


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