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FDA Releases Guidance on Soy Lecithin Labeling

May 08, 2006

FDA Releases Guidance on Soy Lecithin Labeling

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last week announced the availability of a guidance document regarding allergen labeling of soy lecithin when used as a release agent. Release agents are used to help "release" food, such as baked goods, from baking pans and other food contact surfaces. In this guidance, the agency indicated that it would exercise enforcement discretion for food products that do not declare soy lecithin when it is used as a component of a release agent. This enforcement discretion will not apply to products that use soy lecithin for any other purpose. Products that contain soy lecithin as an incidental additive, but not as part of a release agent, will still need to follow the labeling requirements of the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA). To read the guidance, click here. For more information, contact Michelle Matto at or 202-220-3523.


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Posted May 8, 2006


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