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Membership Categories

Membership is based on a company membership, encompassing wholly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures. Below are the categories of membership, with an explanation of each category to follow.


North American Membership

International Dairy Foods Association Membership


North American Membership

Member companies who process, manufacture, market or distribute dairy products in the United States, Canada and Mexico are North American members of MIF, NCI and/or IICA. Each Association has its own Board of Directors and operates on a separate budget. Member companies range from single plant operations to large multinational corporations.

Milk Industry Foundation (MIF)

Founded in 1908

The 105 member companies of MIF process, distribute and market approximately 85 percent of U.S. fluid milk, yogurts, cottage cheese, sour cream, soft cheeses, eggnog, creams, dairy dressing and dips, as well as bottled water, juices and juice drinks.

National Cheese Institute (NCI)

Founded in 1927

NCI's 60 member companies manufacture, process and distribute all types of natural and imitation cheese and cheese products, representing approximately 80 percent of the U.S. cheese industry.

International Ice Cream Association (IICA)

Founded in 1900

IICA's 60 member companies manufacture, distribute and market approximately 85 percent of U.S. ice cream and frozen desserts, including frozen yogurt, fruit juice bars, sherbet, sorbet, frozen pudding, water ices, and frozen custard.


International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) Membership

The IDFA was founded in 1990 to address the common issues and concerns of all segments of the dairy industry. IDFA also has its own budget and a separate Board of Directors, which is comprised of the officers and Board members from each of the constituent organizations. Although each of the North American Members (MIF, NCI, and IICA) is automatically a member of IDFA, all other member companies are categorized directly under the IDFA umbrella. This structure allows the Associations to better track the needs of member companies, offering enhanced products and services, not only for the member company, but also for each individual staff member within those companies. About 345 companies have membership in IDFA.

Affiliated Association Membership

Any trade association, or comparable organization, representing processors, manufacturers, distributors, marketers, or licensors of fluid milk & milk products, ice cream, or cheese products is eligible for Affiliated Association Membership. IDFA has 17 Affiliated Association members.

Business Partner Membership

Companies who supply equipment, supplies, ingredients, and services to the dairy processing or manufacturing industry are eligible for Business Partner membership. More than 250 companies are IDFA Business Partners.

Gold Business Partner Membership

Same eligibility as Business Partner Membership; however, Gold Business Partner membership is designed for companies who wish to take a more active and leadership role in the dairy industry, at the same time, giving them the increased opportunity to expand the growth of their companies, e.g., eligibility to serve on the Boards of Directors, participation on committees and task forces; increased recognition opportunities, and more. There are 65 companies that participate as IDFA Gold Business Partners.

International Membership

Companies in the business of processing, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, or licensing of milk products, ice cream, or cheese products outside of the United States, Canada, and Mexico may become an International Member of IDFA.

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