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IDFA is the unified voice for dairy, with an inclusive governance structure that represents and engages all segments of the growing dairy industry. Whether a multinational organization or single-plant company or supplier, IDFA delivers an impressive return on investment for its 500+ members by deploying a combination of advocacy, education, and network-building to make a positive difference for the dairy industry. We focus on state and federal legislation and regulation that impacts our members and their businesses, as well as policies and research that affect opportunities to develop markets for dairy. IDFA is a trusted adviser to its members, delivering data, insights, research and analysis that helps the dairy industry and professionals operate more efficiently and effectively, giving them the tools and resources they need to grow their businesses.

IDFA members receive an exponential return on their investment in the association through multi-tiered services including government relations, regulatory support, training, business insights, and marketing and communications. Most importantly, all IDFA members benefit in equal ways from a fair dues model that delivers shared value.

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The IDFA Advantage

Advocacy: Through a combination of government relations, regulatory expertise, and a mix of grassroots and coalition-led engagements, IDFA advocates on behalf of dairy foods companies on the most important policy, regulatory and business issues of the time.

Education: By offering expert training resources, professional development opportunities, crisp issues analysis, and forward-thinking business insights, IDFA educates members and stakeholders on the latest issues and trends affecting the dairy foods industry, helping create a plan of action for the future.

Network-building: By creating positive and collegial environments for dairy foods professionals to interact and share knowledge, IDFA builds the right platforms that cultivate professional networks and communities of expertise within the dairy foods industry.

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IDFA Membership Team

Thomas Wojno

Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President of Innovation and Member Advancement

Cindy Cavallo

Senior Director of Membership