Tim Doelman

Chief Executive Officer, Fairlife

Tim Doelman is an entrepreneur, scientist, and business leader.  Founded upon a B.S. in Dairy Science from California Polytechnic (“Cal Poly”), Mr. Doelman brings thirty years of experience in the dairy industry.

In 2020, Tim became the Chief Executive Officer for fairlife.  Tim leads the company’s efforts in bringing great-tasting, high nutrition consumer products to market.  fairlife revenue has grown from $10MM in sales in 2014 to over $0.5B in under 6 years and the organization has grown from 5 people to over 500 people company wide.  fairlife is a fully owned subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company.

In 2012, as Chief Operating Officer for fairlife, Tim led the company’s efforts to reinvent the dairy category with innovative products and processing capabilities.  Tim was responsible for the development and building of a half billion $ infrastructure for executing fairlife’s differentiated, high-value portfolio.  This work included both the development and positioning of the products, the building of the teams, and the design and build out of manufacturing capabilities, including the core technologies of filtration, thermal processing, and low acid aseptic processing.

In 2010, as Chief Executive Officer of Athletes HoneyMilk, Tim successfully launched a line of high protein nutritional drinks that was later rebranded Core Power.  The drink leveraged the technologies developed and marketed by the Good Cow Company which Tim co-founded in 1999.  This product served as a strong proof of concept for the dairy-based drinks that the membrane technology enabled.

In 1999, as Co-Founder of the Good Cow Company, Tim developed and marketed membrane-based proprietary dairy products.  The work at Good Cow was fundamental to the technologies and innovations marketed by fairlife today.