Philip Vanderpol

President and CEO, Vitalus Nutrition Inc.

Phil Vanderpol grew up with Vanderpol’ s Eggs Ltd., a local BC company with over 65 years of history. Phil worked in many positions, even running a delivery/sales route throughout the Vancouver region during his summer breaks while at university.

Phil has been the President & CEO of Vitalus Nutrition since 1998 and has led the company through many changes. Phil was integral to developing the first Milk Protein Concentrate/Isolate plant in North America and recently commissioned the first commercially operating GOS plant in the Americas positioning Vitalus Nutrition as a leader in specialized dairy ingredients.

Phil is Vice Chair of the Dairy Processors Association of Canada, Vice Chair of the Western Dairy Council in addition to holding various positions both officially and unofficially in the Canadian Dairy Industry. Phil received his International MBA from McGill University in early 2014 and qualified and completed the Quantum Shift™ program in early 2015. He is a past member of TEC Canada and current member of the MacKay CEO Forums.

Phil has given key presentations to audiences in Canada sharing his knowledge and expertise on dairy market innovation.