Mike Brown

Chief Economist

Mike Brown was named Chief Economist for IDFA on Jan. 17, 2023. In that role, Brown leads economic and policy analysis and strategy development related to dairy policy and pricing.

He is a recognized expert on milk pricing policy and has worked for both farmer-owned cooperatives and proprietary businesses, all of which are current IDFA members. Before joining IDFA, Brown led the milk and dairy procurement team for The Kroger Co. as director of dairy supply chain. Prior to Kroger, Brown served as a dairy economist for well-known dairy brands and organizations including Glanbia, Darigold and National All-Jersey, Inc.

As director of dairy economics and policy for Glanbia, he was responsible for market and farm cost analysis, supported Glanbia’s producer risk management programs and company efforts on U.S. dairy and trade policy, along with other industry initiatives. Prior to Glanbia, he was director of membership services for Northwest Dairy Association. From 1993-2001, Brown was general manager of National All-Jersey, Inc, a dairy producer trade association, where he led efforts to expand multiple component pricing through private plant incentives and through federal milk marketing order reform. Brown was raised on small dairy farm in Western, N.Y. and earned his bachelor’s degree in dairy science from Virginia Tech.