Mary Ledman

Global Strategist - Dairy, Rabobank - Chicago

Mary is a thought leader who has extensive knowledge of domestic and international dairy markets and policy. She has over thirty years of experience in production agriculture, food processing, government service, agricultural policy, dairy risk management, market information and dissemination, and milk and dairy product price forecasting.

Mary grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and has worked on farms in Germany and Japan. She received a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M University and studied at the University of Goettingen, Germany. Mary’s work experience includes the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Kraft Foods, Stella Foods, Keough Ledman Associates, and the Daily Dairy Report.

Mary joined Rabobank in January 2018 as their Global Dairy Strategist and directs a team of ten analysts around the globe. With a global exposure of $25bn spread across five continents, dairy is one of the most important sectors at Rabobank, the world’s leading Food and Agriculture bank.