Joe Langehennig

Vice President, Corporate Accounts, Ecolab

Joe Langehennig is Vice President Corporate Accounts at Ecolab, where he is responsible for leading the North America Dairy Corporate Accounts Team. He and his team support local, regional, and global dairy customers through cleaning and sanitation program standardization, productivity, continuous improvement, food quality/safety, sustainability, digitalization, and employee safety initiatives.

Joe graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Food Technology. He has been a part of the dairy industry his entire working career. His first job in the industry was an intern with Gandy’s. He held production, sanitation, and sales management positions in the industry before beginning his career with Ecolab in 2002. Joe started with Ecolab as an Account Manager, was promoted in 2006 to District Manager and has been in Dairy Corporate Accounts since 2010. He has led the North America Dairy Corporate Accounts Team since 2017. Joe continues to take pride and accepts the responsibility of protecting the brand names of many IDFA members.

Joe is married to Jeri. They live in their hometown of Mason, Texas where they are raising Kalen and Olivia. Joe likes most watching his son compete in sporting events and Olivia has a colorful yet confident personality that is a daily joy.