Jed Davis

Director of Sustainability, Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Jed has been involved in dairy agriculture and cooperatives his entire life. Raised on a seven-generation family dairy farm in New England, since 1991 he has held a variety of positions for Cabot Creamery Cooperative in Vermont. In 2008, Jed has appointed to direct Cabot’s sustainability practice, focused on advancing a framework for sustainability performance at the historic dairy co-op. Cabot draws inspiration from its Sustainability Credo of “Living within our means and ensuring the means to live” from cow-to-creamery-to-customer. Cabot is proud to be certified as a B Corporation since 2012.

Jed’s experience as a Fellow provided perspectives, approaches and tools that have contributed richly to both his professional and personal advancement, including whole system thinking, visioning, system dynamics, reflective conversation, and coaching. The fertile, creative space created by the Fellows program and further defined by the Cobb Hill community, plus the diversity of the cohort participants, have led to lasting friendships, collaborations and inspiration.