Grant Kadavy

Chief Operating Officer, Darigold, Inc.

Grant has been Darigold’s COO since January 2019. He is responsible for strategic development, innovation, supply chain and all day-to-day commercial operations. He held the title of Chief Commercial Officer when joining Darigold in May 2016.

Grant has worked to position Darigold for the future, spearheading a substantial international expansion in direct sales and distribution, and advancing capabilities with supply chain investments, new product development and customer relationships.

He is a veteran of Agribusiness and food, having spent a large portion of his career with Cargill, Inc. Prior of joining Darigold he held the leadership positions of President of Cargill Americas and General Director for Mexico. Grant has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Communications from Saint Olaf College. Grant is an accomplished business leader with experience transforming food and commodity businesses.