Adel Makdesi

Corporate Sr. Microbiologist, AFCO/ZEP

Adel has been employed by Zep since 1995.  Currently he is the Sr. Corporate Microbiologist at Zep’s/AFCO’s corporate office in Atlanta, GA.

Adel finished his BS degree in Agricultural Engineering and then completed his master’s degree in Food Science & Technology - with emphasis on Food Microbiology & Food Safety - at the University of Georgia.

Throughout his career, Adel has helped many food processors overcome their microbial challenges, such as Listeria, E. coli and Salmonella, in their facilities and food products.  His expertise goes beyond microbiology, food safety and sanitation programs - he is also well versed in all types of direct-food antimicrobial interventions, biofilm control, food plant auditing and food safety education and training.  Adel has published numerous articles in trade and scientific magazines relevant to plant sanitation, food safety and biofilm control in food plant environment.