To succeed and thrive in the complexity of today’s environment, companies need to reimagine their approach to leadership and organization. A rapidly growing group of vanguard companies is doing so, and achieving remarkable results. These companies’ approaches collectively represent a paradigm shift from traditional approaches, including: 

·         Beyond financial impact to holistic impact
·         Beyond hierarchy to networks
·         Beyond deliberate execution to emergent evolution
·         Beyond concentrated value capture to distributed value creation
·         Beyond effective management to conscious leadership

Each of these organizations applies these principles in different ways and to different extents, so while there are consistent patterns there is no standard recipe in the traditional sense. Rather, leaders must study practices in a wide range of organizations, and then test and explore what works and makes sense in their context.

This webinar is part the IDFA People Strategy Webinar Series, a series focus on the dairy industry’s most critical resource – it’s people. The series is open to IDFA members. More details and registration information will be added closer to the event date.

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Michael Lurie

Expert Partner, McKinsey & Company

Elizabeth Mygatt

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company


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