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Dairy Forum 2021

Dairy Forum 2021—Dairy Evolved, the industry event of the year, has gone virtual. Dairy Forum 2021 will be our most exci...

Jan 25 – 28, 2021

Dairy Innovator Dialogues Live - Episode 5: Siobhan Talbot, Managing Director, Glanbia

Dairy Innovator Dialogues is back this November with a special, live question and answer session wit...

December 3, 2020

The Circular Pathway to the Holy Grail: Sustainability Trends in Ice Cream Packaging

IDFA and Gold Business Partner Stanpac are pleased to present this new webinar that will examine the trends in ice cream...

December 1, 2020

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Member Spotlight

Hygiena™ is committed to providing rapid microbial detection, monitoring, and identification systems to improve food safety globally. Their products include the Innovate System which provides product quality control data for UHT-processed and aseptically filled products, ensuring long shelf life. A supporting product for non-UHT pasteurized food testing is ZymoSnap ALP. Hygiena’s EnSURE™ Touch Monitoring System collects, analyzes, and reports data from multiple quality indicators, including ATP, and indicator organismsGlutenTox® and AlerTox® products identify allergens in food products and environmental surfaces. Hygiena’s BAX® System, uses PCR technology to identify pathogens in food ingredients, finished products and the environment. The RiboPrinter® System is an automated genetic-based system that identifies and characterizes bacteria.

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