What's Hot in Ice Cream


According to IDFA's 2022 Ice Cream & Frozen Novelty Trends Survey, chocolate is America's flavor of choice in ice cream, followed closely by Cookies N' Cream and Vanilla.

However, ice cream flavors are only limited by the imagination. Manufacturers, scoop shops and chefs constantly come up with new and exciting flavors for their customers.

Here are a few:

New Product Trends

While the majority of ice cream sales have long been regular-fat products, ice cream manufacturers continue to diversify their lines of frozen desserts in order to fit into various lifestyles.

Consumers still look for an indulgence when eating ice cream. Therefore, ice cream manufacturers make sure to offer a full selection of premium and super-premium products in innovative flavors and with such mix-ins as cookies, brownies, candies and cake.

Innovation and Technology

The winning ice cream products in IDFA’s annual Innovative Ice Cream Flavor Competition in 2022 were Purple Daze by The Ice Cream Club Inc., Strawberry Cheesecake Twist Cone by Wells Enterprises Inc., and Monkey Bread from Hudsonville Ice Cream. But don’t go looking for Monkey Bread just yet. It’s a prototype, and we hope it hits shelves soon.