These are unprecedented times, the pressure is high, especially on leaders who need to respond by creating new, viable ways of operating.  At the beginning of the pandemic, many leaders managed to bounce back and meet or outperform expectations, mostly operating on a high level of adrenaline and tapping into their individual resilience.  While the crisis drags on (and other crises get added), we now need to re-energize, bounce forward and build our individual, teams’ and organization’s energy and resilience.  The session will combine a short presentation on our resilience framework followed by a group discussion - an opportunity to discuss how to build and activate our organizations as well as our own resilience.

This webinar is part of the IDFA People Strategy Webinar Series, a series focus on the dairy industry’s most critical resource – it’s people. The webinar series is open to IDFA members. To learn more about the IDFA People Strategy, visit

Presented By


Sebastien D’Incau

Global Consumer Practice Co-Leader, Egon Zehnder

Vanessa Chehlawi

Consultant, Toronto | Egon Zehnder