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More than 150 million Americans cast ballots on November 3rd, electing a new president and setting the stage for the 117th Congress.

As with any swing in the balance of power in Washington, D.C., IDFA anticipates significant changes to federal policy to accompany the swearing in of President-elect Joe Biden and the new congress in January. What changes can we expect? And what ramifications will these changes have for dairy businesses?

Join IDFA's legislative team on Tuesday, December 8, for a webinar that will provide you with an overview of the new administration and Congress. IDFA’s Dairy Policy Outlook for 2021 will focus on the policymakers who will have the most influence on dairy and food policy decisions. IDFA's legislative team will also discuss the policy agendas of the House and Senate committees that have jurisdiction over issues that matter most to our industry. 

Featuring the IDFA Legislative Team

J. David Carlin

Senior Vice President of Legislative Affairs and Economic Policy

Becky Rasdall

Senior Vice President, Trade and Workforce Policy

Donald Grady

Senior Director, Legislative Affairs

Colin Newman

Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Chief of Staff