Stuffed crust, extra cheese, no anchovies! Americans place plenty of pizza orders each year, and the pandemic only sharpened our appetites for hot-and-ready pies. In the first episode of The Dairy Download’s fourth season, two experts give us the deep dish on pizza consumption trends.

First up is Christopher Thomas-Moore, Vice President of Media, Digital Marketing and Product Development for Domino’s. He tells us how the brand uses technology – including delivery robots – to bring pizza straight to customers’ doorsteps. He also gives us the scoop on Domino’s new, cheesy offerings.

Next up is Jonathan Maze, Editor-in-Chief of Restaurant Business Magazine. How much pizza are people really eating? Where are they enjoying a slice? And are they paying a bit extra for their pizza and fast food generally? Maze weighs in on current consumption trends and the next big thing in pizza.

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