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The 33.8 million meals served each day in public schools provide a variety of healthy foods and beverages, including milk and dairy. Milk contains 13 essential nutrients that are critical to ensure children’s healthy growth and development. It is also the primary source of protein, vitamin D, calcium, and potassium for kids aged 2-18. School meals are a key opportunity for children to get important nutrients in their day, and milk is a central part of that.

Joining us this week on The Dairy Download are two guests who help deliver the nutritious milk options enjoyed by students across the country. Flavored milk, whole milk, and 2% milk along with 1% and skim milk all offer nutrient dense options that students can enjoy. However, processors and schools continue to face difficulties in providing a full suite of milk options to their students.

Chuck Turner, president of Turner Dairy Farms, and Sean Steichen, senior director of strategic initiatives at Diversified Foods Inc. and NextGen Leadership Program alumni, discuss the nutritional importance of milk in school meals, the innovations in the school milk space, and why school milk is important to their businesses.

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If your company is interested in sponsoring a block of episodes of The Dairy Download, contact IDFA’s Melissa Lembke at

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