Dairy processors need flexible, future-ready production lines that operate reliably with minimal unscheduled downtime. But their challenges are numerous: the environment is constantly changing, labor shortage is driving the need for automation, safety is more important than ever, and consumer demand is increasing the number of SKUs and product packages they must handle.

The quest to automate packaging lines—which can reduce labor dependence, increase flexibility, and improve throughput with multiple SKUs—while achieving a good ROI can quickly become overwhelming. Even a cutting-edge line layout with the latest packaging equipment can become problematic if processors don’t consider how product gets to and from that equipment. 

Whether considering how to align and orient product to feed packaging equipment, how best to merge or sort different product streams, or even how much accumulation is needed between major units of operation, line layout optimization and simulation services can help dairy processors achieve their goals today, and into the future. 

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Brian Antkowiak

Layout Development Manager, Intralox