With the health and safety of their workers a top priority, dairy companies face changing COVID-19 worker safety guidance and mandates from federal, state and local entities as OSHA and states ramp up inspections. Even without a mandatory COVID-19 emergency temporary standard (ETS), as the economy and guidance change, dairy companies need options to minimize the risk of liability. 

To help dairy companies best comply with current guidance and regulation, as well as understand how to reduce future liability, IDFA hosted a webinar featuring Ed Foulke, former Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health under President George W. Bush. Ed is a partner at the Fisher Phillips law firm and a leading expert in worker safety and health matters and other labor/employment topics. IDFA is fortunate that Ed has agreed for a 3rd year to help judge IDFA’s worker safety awards. 

This webinar covered compliance with and avoiding potential liability related to:

·     How OSHA mandates compliance through current guidance and standards and the OSH Act general duty clause
·     OSHA’s March 12 National Enforcement Priority on COVID-19 and inspections
·     Evolving guidance related to the use of masks by fully vaccinated individuals
·     EEOC and whistleblower complaints
·     Recording work-related injuries

Presented By


Edwin Foulke, Jr.

Partner, Fisher Phillips, LLP