U.S. interest rate markets have experienced unprecedented volatility over the last 2+ years.  The list of factors driving these markets is long, and it is not limited to trade with China, pandemic concerns, and record monetary and fiscal policy responses. 

So where are interest rate markets headed next?  

In this webinar featuring the experts at J.P. Morgan, we discussed:

  • The FOMC’s regular forecast for rates and those macroeconomic variable that they are watching to drive policy, namely inflation and employment
  • The market outlook, as exhibited by positioning
  • Insights from J.P. Morgan’s investment banking research and strategy teams

As markets prepare for a transition away from IBOR benchmark interest rates, we discussed recent developments related to USD LIBOR and those pronouncements from the Alternative Reference Rate Committee and the International Swaps & Derivatives Association.  Other topics discussed:

  • Transition timelines
  • Expected replacement risk free rates 
  • The potential impact on USD borrowers following LIBOR cessation

Presented by:


David Weber

Executive Director, Corporate Derivatives Marketing Group,J.P. Morgan