As more companies build climate-focused action plans for their supply chains, more challenges seem to arise regarding financing and greenhouse gas (GHG)  accounting principles. It takes coordination and innovation to effectively manage GHG emissions reductions and removals along the complex dairy value chain.

IDFA developed the IDFA Dairy Insetting Program to provide our members with education and guidance to help dairy companies generate GHG emissions reductions while preserving critical resources within their value chain for the benefit of communities, landscapes and ecosystems. These resources—developed by IDFA subject matter experts and leading sustainability specialists—are linked to below.

If you have any questions about the Program or would like support with your unique insetting program, please contact Mike Aquino, director of ESG at IDFA.


How GHG Insetting Will Change the Game for Scope 3

In this first webinar of the IDFA Dairy Insetting Program, Jessie Deelo from The Climate Source grounded the audience in the concept of carbon insetting and described some of the approaches currently being developed in the marketplace.

Credible Carbon Footprint Measurements and Product Differentiation

In this second webinart of the IDFA Dairy Insetting Program, IDFA and the experts at Ever.Ag explored the best ways to quantify your business’s carbon reductions and incorporate those reductions into your product differentiation. In this webinar, Ever.Ag discussed the challenges they have encountered when measuring farm-level and plant-level carbon footprints and the solutions they are implementing to create accurate datasets that are worthy of monetization.


Why Now is the Perfect Time to Install a Wind Turbine

May 15, 2024 | 1:00 p.m. Eastern

Join IDFA and EWT for a new webinar to learn more about the benefits of onsite wind energy, available funding opportunities, why wind energy is a great fit for dairy, and more.

IDFA is planning upcoming webinars on the following topics as part of the IDFA Dairy Insetting Program:

  • Legal analysis of AB 1305
  • Wind turbines

Please check the IDFA Events Calendar for the latest scheduled webinars.