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This year’s COVID-19 public health crisis gave dairy producers a look at how rigid their steam systems were as deviations from their current production schedule arose. These uncertain times showed industries that a flexible steam boiler system that quickly meets market demands is critical for success.

IDFA and Gold Business Partner Miura America present this new webinar on how modular boiler systems provide production flexibility to:

  • Closely follow your steam demand giving you on-demand steam that only produces the exact amount of steam generation you need when you need it.
  • Provide an easily scalable solution to ramp production up or down based on current business needs.
  • Diversify risk across several units so that if a problem does arise or scheduled maintenance is required, steam production does not miss a beat.
  • Fully communicate and automate across the boiler room to proactively catch issues before they occur.
  • Significantly decrease operator injury risk with the safest boilers on the market while maximizing performance.

Presented By


Ed Verderose

National Accounts Manager, Miura America